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NFC Key Tags

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NFC Key Tags

  • The tag8 key security tag connects your keys to the World’s Largest and Most Trusted Global Lost & Found Recovery Service Network powered by tag8.
  • 95%+ lost keys recovered. 24x7 customer support; Finder Reward Program; Lifetime service Keeps owner information confidential.
  • Logistics tie-ups to deliver your key to your doorstep.
  • 6 easy options for the Finder to connect including NFC chip and QR scan.
  • tag8 has won several prestigious awards like FICCI travel tech award 2018, HDFC Bank digital summit 2017 and BMA emerging start-up award 2017
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  • How to Register and Activate

    After you receive the NFC Key Tag, it’s security tag needs to be registered for service to be activated. You can do any of the following to activate the tag –

    • Call or message on WhatsApp +91 9029008248

    • Visit and enter your owner id

    • Download the tag8 App and enter your owner id or scan QR Code

Felix D'Souza

Felix D'Souza

Director, Customer Success at GlobalLinker

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