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Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration

All great brands start small. You have invested significant time & effort in building a brand for your small business. Now protect it with our Trademark Services.
As your business grows, so does your brand value & reputation. Start your trademark registration process today and protect your business name!

*Government charges are not included and will be paid directly to Vakilsearch.

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: 02 Feb 2029

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  • Why is Trademark Registration important for SMEs?

    While the primary purpose of a Trademark Registration is legal protection from imitators, counterfeiting, fraud and unauthorized use, here are 3 strong reasons that make Trademark important for all small businesses:


    Builds Trust & Goodwill – Trademarked Brands portray trust, quality & reliability. It shows customers that you personally care about your brand. Start-ups can strongly leverage this.


    Gives Exclusive Identification – Customers identify products & services basis the brand, creating a positive image in the market. Registering your Trademark ensures you are the only owner of this brand image, which cannot be misused by others.


    An Intangible Asset – The trademark can be a valuable asset in case your brand creates a name and succeeds. It can be commercially contracted, sold, licensed, franchised or used as a security interest to secure a loan to grow business. Trademarks can lead the way for expansion from one industry to another, such as from foot wear to clothing or bags.

  • Are there any additional charges?

    Yes, Government Charges for Trademark Registration are not in included in the above purchase, and will be paid directly to Vakilsearch. Amount details are:


    > For Individuals or MSMEs with Udyog Aadhar Card  - ₹ 4,500


    > All others - ₹ 9,000

  • Steps for Trademark Registration & Watch

    Once you purchase the Trademark Services package, here are the next steps:


    For Trademark Registration:


    1. Vakilsearch will contact you directly to understand your requirements.


    2. They will conduct a Trademark Search in the TM directory and advise you on the classes you need to apply under


    3. Upon your authorisation, they will file the application forms with the Registrar, guiding you through the entire process.


    4. You will regularly receive updates until registration, including when you can start using the ™ sign (usually within 3 days)




    For Trademark Watch:

    Once your Trademark is successfully registered, Vakilsearch will keep a close watch on all attempts by other businesses & individuals to register similar trademarks, both in India and globally, for a year

  • What can you Trademark?

    Items like words, slogans, logos, graphics, colour combinations, sounds or a combination of these be can Trademarked!

    However, most small & growing businesses are only looking for a brand name registration or logo registration

Felix D'Souza

Felix D'Souza

Director, Customer Success at GlobalLinker

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