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Dipak Parmar

Founder And CEO


Mumbai, India

Dipak is a Trade Mark Attorney, a trained Mediator, a NIXI Arbitrator for handling .IN domain name disputes, an Invited Speaker, a Visiting Faculty, a Certified Digital Evidence Analyst and a Techno-Legal Consultant. He is the founder of M/s Cyber-IPR, a law firm specialized in Cyber Law and Information Security, Intellectual Property Management, Contract Management, Dispute Resolution, including Litigation and Corporate matters. It is based in Mumbai and having its associates/representatives and affiliates in major cities of India and abroad.

He has experience of more than ten years in the legal field and has worked for several top-notch organisations: like, Hindustan Unilever Limited, National Stock Exchange IT Limited, Hutchison 3 Global Private Limited, Singhania & Co. LLP, International Legal Consultants etc. He has hands-on experience in Intellectual Property Management, Cyber Law and Information Security, Contract Management and Dispute Resolution.

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    My Location
    104, Old Bake House, M.C.C. Lane,, Kala Ghoda, Fort,, Mumbai, India, 400023




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