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Helping firms with their optimization and transformation journey. 80% of Medium-sized firms do not take external 'challenger' outlook on their decisions on optimization & transformation initiatives which results in incoherent delayed or no results. Many medium sized firms do not have any proper optimization roadmap for their operations. Medium sized firms who are aspiring to be tomorrow's fortune 500 need to get their transformation & optimization efforts right. Whether they are rightly looking at new frontiers with the emerging themes? Whether they are able to navigate the core businesses of their firms to fine tune with the emerging shift in 'new way to do things in customer experience or value chain ' ? Whether they are able to build foundation of digital journey by integrating right technologies and changing the culture and structure of the organizations? We need to learn to ask 'right' questions to have right strategy. It is a right time, when we are approaching 2020, that medium sized firms start to seriously look at their optimization & transformation and digital efforts only then they can turn into future companies. We are helping growing medium sized companies around the world.

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