Thinksynq Pvt. Ltd.

Chennai, India

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Thinksynq a company which has been in business for 10+ years is run by business practitioners who have between them 100+ years of experience in large organizations. The deep understanding of the domains imbibed through multiple decades of experience enables thinksynq to “see the big picture” & “get things done”. This aspect of thinking & doing is how we differentiate ourselves from others and be a companion in our client’s growth story.

Organized around six functional practices: business strategy, finance, HR, sales, CRM and technology, thinksynq under each of the practices provide consulting, IT tools and implementation suite. This breadth of services offered under practices hence helps in both strategizing with clients on “what needs to be done” and also taking over activities and “getting it done” for them.

Through these years we at thinksynq have had deep engagements with clients across varied industries.

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