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Automates HR in minutes. All HR processes are built in the platform, just sign up and implement. plugHR offers subscription options that suit companies of any size. Subscriptions are open contracts, you can change plans or even exit anytime.

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War for talent is real and right at your door. "Who wants to work with you?" is the question that gives entrepreneurs jitters. Few ventures are capable of attracting best talent and keeping them motivated, it's not a war you chose but it's there nevertheless.

All your dreams and plans are waste paper if you can't build an awesome workplace that's irresistible.

plugHR has built over 350 HR departments for entrepreneurs.

Nov 2007

1 - 10 employees

$250,000 - $1 MM

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  • Head-office/Primary office

    30 Cecil Street, #19-08 Prudential Tower
    Singapore - 049712
  • Prashant Bhaskar 

    5 Aug 2015, 3 min read

    What Period Should KRAs Be Written For?

    Employment & HR

    What Period Should KRAs Be Written For?

    Prashant Bhaskar, founder PlugHR shares how to address the challenge of defining the duration of KRAs (Key Result Areas).

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