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Mumbai, India

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Omnia is a sales consulting firm specializing in helping organizations reach their full revenue potential by providing a hands-on approach and helping owners focus on the many areas of running their business. When our engagement is over we expect you to have an extremely capable sales organization that drives consistent revenue growth.

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For over 20 years, working with small business, enterprise and non-profit organizations in direct sales, business development and sales management roles, the founder at Omnia, understands that the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business are not very different from what large companies face.

While those large companies have the financial might to address those challenges head-on with time-tested or even trial and error solutions, a small business owner is forced to be cautious.

To address this latent need of small and medium business (SMB) owners to improve sales & business performance while balancing costs of sales personnel and reducing the risk of personnel turnover, we bring our professional sales expertise to help small business owners to grow in an inexpensive manner.

With the concept of fractional sales management, we will enable SMBs to improve their focus on business growth and sales performance. Without the risk.

Apr 2017

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Andheri East
    Mumbai - 400059
  • Head-office/Primary office

    Andheri East
    Mumbai - 400059
  • Alwyn Lasrado 

    24 Dec 2019, 7 min read

    Solving the lead generation problem for SMEs and startups


    Solving the lead generation problem for SMEs and startups

    Examining how can SMEs and startups can generate more leads in the digital era.

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