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Hyderabad, India

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HR Function Management, HR Consulting, Learning and Development, Payroll, Outplacement, Associate Management Services, R


Husys - India's only HR Company Listed on NSE in 2002 as the true HR Function Outsourcing firm rated on CRISIL under SME category. We served more that 1700+ client with a dedication to build & manage HR Departments for SME’s and MSME’s and accelerating our journey with a vision of “enabling people” to the organizations with right minds. Check @ Husys® ( For how we can help you to boost your organizational growth.

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Husys Consulting Limited as a 1st NSE Listed HR Company and ISO Certified Company, we helped +!700 clients in setting their HR Function Management (HRFM), HR Function Outsourcing (HRFO), HR Consulting (HRC), Training, Associate Management Service (AMS), Payroll Services, Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), Cloud HR Platform (ApHusys), Outplacement Services, and Employer of Records.

Aug 2005

101 - 300 employees

₹25 crore - ₹50 crore

Service Provider

Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Husys Consulting Limited, 1-8-505/E/D/A, Prakash Nagar Extn, Begumpet
    Hyderabad - 500016

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