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Pune, India

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Rated No 1 Recruitment Company by a Fortune 100 MNC


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BlackBag HR Services Pvt Ltd is a Recruitment & HR Services firm founded in 2015. We have partnered with some great clients in India, US, Europe, APAC & other Geographies.

We use data from a combination of recruitment channels which give us a clear understanding of which channels deliver the greatest return on investment. This helps us reduce the cost per hire over time and as a result we help you reduce your overall recruitment costs.

What can we do for you as a Staffing Firm?

The staffing industry has undergone a big transformation the past few years and there has been a big shift in the tools and techniques used to attract top notch talent.

It is no longer about how fast you can source a requirement, rather it's about how well you can identify a star performer that exactly matches the need and strategically build a pipeline of candidates based on upcoming needs of a customer for proactive continuous supply.

Our staffing services includes the following.

Getting you a top-notch candidate for a fulltime position in your company which will involve a one-time charge.

Getting you a top-notch candidate from BlackBag HR Services who can work on a contract with you on T&M basis.

Getting a recruiter for your staffing needs who will be a dedicated resource. This person can work on site/ offsite but will be only working for you.

+91 9096183468

Nov 2015

1 - 10 employees

₹1 crore - ₹5 crore

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office


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