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Business Services & Consultancy


Business Services & Consultancy / / Human Resources

Identify area for improvement @ the workplace, culture & teamwork. Improve performance by setting goals, coaching, Customer Service training . Improve leadership skills, interpersonal ability by providing emotional intelligence training., tools to handle angry customers, become change master and develop attitude of personal excellence. Counsel employees to improve their accountability and results.
Writer, authored a book on gender diversity, created content for HR procedures.

Recommend solutions to people performance issues. Set up employee development initiatives which will best achieve organizational goals. Help organizations recruit the right person and create processes for them to deliver. Identify potential leaders and counsel them to enhance their impact. Train, motivate and coach to grow people potential.

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    Perform Right


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    Emotional intelligence


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Askgeet HRD Solutions has been helping companies set up:
- professional systems into place
- recruit the right person for a job
- improve performance of existing staff
- identify areas of improvement for employees
- provide learning support
- bring in accountability
- improve customer service

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