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Kolkata, India

Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging > Transportation

House Hold & Car Transportation


Whether you’re moving across the city or the globe, packing up and relocation to a new address is an exercise that can stress out anyone.

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Welcome to Global Packways India, [An International Packers and Movers] one of the most reliable name in Packers and Movers business since 2004. We are a certified company with great experience.
Global Packways India – India’s leading moving company helps you to deal with the entire job of relocation in a seamless and straightforward manner. Our years of experience in all manner of moving-residential and corporate, local and international-can be evinced by our comprehensive and proven processes that are matched by the latest equipment and professional manpower.

Feb 2004

11 - 30 employees

Less than 25 lacs

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    D13, Lake Vie Park,Bonhooghly
    Kolkata - 700108

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