Ownership as an organisational culture

Ownership as an organisational culture

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Jeevika Kher

Jeevika Kher

295 week ago — 3 min read

Every professional at every level looks forward to the next step of the success ladder. The strengths most carry or are expected are more or less the same. The organisational values are based around the strengths the organisation expects in each one of them. One very important quality, which if inculcated in the organisation, could surpass all rest. This is developing ownership. It implies having an ownership embedded culture.

It might sound like a simple concept, however it presents a huge opportunity that is mostly missed.

What does 'Ownership' entail?

It is a trait which would scale up accountability and responsibility. Accountability is for things that one is answerable for. Responsibility is taken for those tasks and ownership develops when one starts owning that particular task as his or her own. Unlike accountability, this cannot be measured. Ownership means standing up and announcing that one is responsible for executing a particular task or project as one’s own.

Taking ownership also means doing things outside of the job description. In fact, it means doing the stuff no one else wants to do. It is a pure commitment and integrity which becomes analogous.

Ownership becomes an important factor in accelerating the growth and development of any professional. An employee with ownership will always have a stronger employee-employer relationship. It scales up a sense of mutual trust and confidence within the workplace.

The organisational hierarchy work better as there is a better sense of trust and faith. The employees apart from being more productive have an enhanced proactive thinking. This leads to better problem solving skills and foresightedness.

Ownership always channelizes the energies of employees in a positive direction. Such organisations are able to strategize effectively. The organisational goals are achieved in a more efficient and effective manner.


Organisations must endeavour to perpetuate an ownership driven culture. The learning loops of these organisations are much better than the ones who evade this or perhaps fail to inject it.


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