Get inspired: 8 easy ways to find motivation for work

Get inspired: 8 easy ways to find motivation for work

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Everyone has their dry days - days when it’s hard to get out of bed and face whatever challenge that comes along the way. As a business owner, it’s often up to you to be the leader, backbone, and supporter of everyone else. But what should you do when you’re the one who lacks motivation?

Not to worry, because inspiration is literally everywhere, and as an entrepreneur, you’re in the perfect position to go and find it! Check out these simple tips to get you inspired and to help you get back on your feet in no time:

1. Spend some time at your workplace
With their busy schedules and hectic lives, many business owners don’t even have time to stop by the place where the real magic happens: the workplace. If you’re the type of entrepreneur who’s always running around meeting clients and only getting in touch with your employees via call or email, there may be a feeling of separation between you and your team, which is never a good sign. Why not spend half a day, or even just a few hours, at the office to see what’s going on behind the scenes of your business’ success? You might even pick up a few good ideas along the way.

2. Bond with your employees
When was the last time you formed connections with your employees that didn’t involve work? Remember that their jobs take up only a fraction of their lives, and beyond that facet are people who could be valuable sources of inspiration. Talk to them about their lives, ask how you can help, and get to know them a bit more. You might not think of this as part of your job, but in encouraging others, you will definitely be encouraged as well.

3. Take some time off
If you’ve been holed up in the office for too long, maybe it’s time to take a break. The good thing about running your own business is having time to yourself every so often. You can fill up this time by being with your family, returning to an old hobby you haven’t had time for, or just being by yourself for a while with no commitments. Take a walk, play with your pet, or create something that has nothing to do with work. Getting burned out happens to everyone, but there’s always a way to get out of that slump.

Get inspired by art and culture
For ages, art and culture have been ways to express and create inspiration. These tried and tested sources of inspiration can come in handy when you least expect them, so don’t discount the benefits of enjoying a good movie, show or musical. Check out the latest film, or get tickets to your favorite artist’s concert. Having something to enjoy will put you in a much better mindset and allow you to forget the work stress that might be getting in the way of your next big idea.

5. Consult the source

Take a leaf from your frontliners’ book and spend some time with your valued customers. They’ll be glad to see how dedicated you are to the business, such that you would take the time to meet them yourself and make sure their customer experience is the best it can be. You’ll also gain invaluable and irreplaceable data by asking them for feedback, which will undoubtedly encourage you to do business and improve your product.

6. Catch up with the rest of the world

When you’re so caught up with work, it’s easy to miss the comings and goings of the outside world. Now’s your chance to step away and get updated on news, media, events and trends that might seem meaningless or unimportant to you as a business owner, but may actually be a key factor to understanding your customer base. After all, consumers will be consumers, and you need to have a clear idea of what they’re interested in.

Grab a bite
It’s a simple yet often underestimated solution to artist’s block. You’d be surprised at how limited your thinking can be when you’re running on an empty stomach -- and at how much better you’ll feel after a satisfying meal. So put away the work materials, visit your favorite restaurant, and enjoy an actual, sit-down meal. No rushing in between bites, no bringing up work concerns, and no coffee or tea to replace an actual meal!

8. Get organized
Sometimes, your problem isn’t a lack of motivation; rather, it’s a loss of where to start. When your desk is overflowing and your mind even more so, it’s no surprise that you might feel overwhelmed and unable to really concentrate on getting things done. This can be very de-motivating, and make you prone to procrastination. That’s the last thing you want, so to avoid this, get organized! Make a list of priorities, plan out concrete steps for accomplishing tasks, and make sure your ultimate goal is always in your sight. It’s another very simple step, but you’d be surprised at how well it’ll work.

So when you’re feeling a bit dry and burnt out, don’t fret! It could just be a lack of inspiration, but there are so many ways to get out of that slump that you’ll surely get your enthusiasm and work-readiness back in no time.


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