Behind the Bat - A Celebration of SMEs that Work Locally and Make an Impact Globally

Behind the Bat - A Celebration of SMEs that Work Locally and Make an Impact Globally


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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How is the josh (excitement)? High sir!

How is the josh? High sir!

Although these lines are from a famous Bollywood military action film of recent times, they are very apt for the palpable excitement reverberating across all Cricket loving nations right now. Behind the fame and the fortune, behind the legends and the laymen - stands an unassuming city which is the cricket equipment capital of the World – Meerut. Would you believe that 95% of all cricket equipment is manufactured and exported globally from this city? Almost every team in the world has used a product manufactured by SMEs in India. What a matter of pride for all SMEs!

Over several decades, these small businesses of Meerut have provided a constant supply of world class sporting equipment, helping create many local and global cricketing heroes. These small and medium enterprises have made it possible for the game to be played in the by lanes of our nation and in the world class cricket academies. From these places, emerge our heroes.

These companies not only transform wood from a block to a bat with the help of their skilled craftsmen, but they also support cricket associations on grassroots levels by offering expensive and customized products at affordable rates to its players. 

So the next time we watch and cheer for the men in blue, lets spare a thought for the small businesses of Meerut and their several thousand employees, who silently strive to bring us hope and celebration of the several moments of glory on the field!


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