4 Ways for You as an SME to Expand your Network

4 Ways for You as an SME to Expand your Network

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GlobalLinker Staff

22 Apr 2015, 16:38 — 4 min read

To succeed in business, one must continually network with new businesses, people, cultivate relationships and leverage one’s business network.

Here are 4 tips for SMEs to expand and manage their business network, leveraging the Network module on GlobalLinker:


  1. Invite your Contacts, Suppliers and Clients
    GlobalLinker is committed to make business networking simpler and convenient for small businesses.The first step to building your network on GlobalLinker is to invite all your contacts (colleagues, suppliers, clients and peers) to sign up on GlobalLinker. Follow these 3 simple steps to invite others to be a part of your business network on GlobalLinker:

    Step 1: Click on Network module on the left navigation.

    Step 2: On the Network landing page, click on the “Add Links” tab and invite people to GlobalLinker that you would like to add to your Network.

    Step 3: Click on “Invite to GlobalLinker” and enter the email addresses of colleagues, suppliers, clients and peers you would like to invite to GlobalLinker.

  2. Link with like-minded SMEs
    GlobalLinker offers a unique feature of searching for links using the location or industry filter. This helps you establish connections with potential clients, suppliers and customers in your industry. Follow these two simple steps to search via location and industry filters on GlobalLinker:

    Step 1: On the Network landing page, click on “Search for Links” or “Add Links” tabs.

    Step 2: A page will open where you can easily search for links on the GlobalLinker Network, using the location or industry filter.

  3. Manage your rolodex
    Your links on Network can be displayed in different ways for your viewing convenience. You can view your links in a list or cardex (rolodex) view. You may also view your links by using the Company or Industry filter. Furthermore, you may “Favourite” a link or “Share” a link. Here are 4 simple steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Within the Network module, there is a navigation panel on the left where you may click on “My Links”

    Step 2: My Links page will alphabetically display all you links on GlobalLinker. There is an option to view links in list format or cardex view.

    Step 3: The ‘View By’ dropdown allows you to view your Links by Company or Industry classification.

    Step 4: For each Link an eBiz Card is displayed on which you may click on the star icon to “Favourite” a link. There is also an option to “Share” an eBiz Card of your contacts with other Links.

  4. Keep in touch with Business Links
    You can use the ‘Message’ feature to keep in touch with all your links. This is a great way to receive and send messages with persons in your Network. The “Messages” tab is conveniently placed in the Network navigation panel and has a simple interface to compose, send and receive messages.

Make the most of networking opportunities by leveraging the Network module on GlobalLinker. In the words of Adam Small, “Networking is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organisation!”



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