4 business lessons we can learn from Santa

4 business lessons we can learn from Santa


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Come December, a merry old man in a red suit captures the imagination of children and adults all over the word. Movies are made on him; songs sung about him; he features on cards, hoardings, and decorations; and any time he makes a surprise visit, people throng to meet him. Santa Claus has a loyal fan following across the word and is a much-loved figure.


So, let us explore why Santa resonates with audiences across the board and understand the business lessons we can learn from this legend.


1. Santa is reliable

No matter how cold the winter night, Santa always keeps his promise to pay a late-night visit on the eve of Christmas. Children eagerly await his presents and he never disappoints.


Business learning: Is your business as reliable as Santa? Like children on Christmas morning, your customers have high expectations from you. Ask yourself how you fulfil customer expectations and whether you have built a reliable brand identity. If a customer feels let down by your brand, focus on how you can improve your offering and regain trust.


2. Santa brings joy

Who does not break into a smile when Santa walks into a Christmas party? It is hard to resist his jovial laugh and happy persona. Santa’s mission is to delight.


Business learning: Does your brand evoke happy thoughts? Do you prioritise customer delight? Customers love to be made to feel special. Make a genuine effort to deliver a ‘wow’ experience through your product or service offering.


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3. Santa knows what we want

Santa makes an effort to find out what people want and how he can fulfil their wishes. His appeal never diminishes because he continues to listen to his audience.


He even makes a stop at shopping complexes and parties to patiently hear what children want.


Business learning: Find out what your customers really want through surveys, feedback forms, calls or one-one-one interactions. Based on this feedback, give your customers the experience or the product that they truly desire.


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4. Santa understands the magic of storytelling

Santa has stories written about him and he knows how to get his message across in fun and effective ways.


Business learning: Marketing is all about effective storytelling. Share your story with customers—the series of events that led to the formation of the business and how the narrative continues. Storytelling is a powerful tool to market your business and connect in a more real and personal way with your audience.


Santa Claus continues to be an enduring symbol of Christmas and holiday cheer. Do share your thoughts on how businesses can emulate his timeless appeal.


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